Tomorrow: How a Bill Becomes a Disaster

McConnell’s strategy is now out: tomorrow, he is going to offer the health care bill that the HOUSE ALREADY PASSED. This is a huge move, because if the Senate passes it, it will be DONE. Trump will sign it, and Schoolhouse Rock fans, you know that’s how a bill becomes a freaking disaster. McConnell will be gambling on a high risk, high reward (from GOP donors). But with McCain flying back early from surgery to vote yes, McConnell is going for broke. Call Senators at 844-432-0883. Collins and Rand Paul are probably no votes. We need at least one more, and it probably comes down to Heller (NV), Capito (WV), and Portman (OH).

Author: Jed Shugerman

Legal historian at Fordham Law School, teaching Torts, Administrative Law, and Constitutional History. Father of three, married to a Canadian, but I'm not laughing at any of the "So you really can move to Canada!" jokes in 2016. Red Sox and Celtics fan, youth soccer coach. Author of "The People's Courts: Pursuing Judicial Independence in America" (2012) on the rise of judicial elections in America. I'm working on the Emoluments litigation against Trump, as well as a history of prosecutors and American politics, and another project on the origins of "independent agencies" in America.

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